There is a CONEIX for each need, for your company,

For your company

CONEIX is a web software designed to manage organizations with an activity based on the implementation of projects and/or services. CONEIX provides in real time the necessary data for making decisions and enhancing results. CONEIX improves the communication inside the teams and the organization. CONEIX allows the planning and the follow-up of the tasks in each project.

This tool meets the need of taking advantage of new technologies to increase the competitivity and productivity of the work teams working by projects. CONEIX provides in real time all the generated data in the project execution, necessary for success.

CONEIX has been designed by:

  • Engineers
  • Consulting firms
  • Communication agencies
  • Customised machinery manufacturers
  • Third-sector organisations
  • Architecture offices

CONEIX helps these organisations in their day-to- day, with constant changes, pressure for delivery times, a few margin for repeating mistakes and constant treasury tensions.

CONEIX provides an exhaustive control of costs, a follow-up of the commercial goals and the correct planning and optimization of projects, people and resources.

CONEIX integrates the document management and facilitates the collaborative work with customers and suppliers.

Contract modalities

CONEIX has two contract modalities: it can be installed in a server in-company or it can be used in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) with CONEIX infrastructure.

SaaS InHouse
Server CONEIX Customer
Backups Included Optional
Monthly variable number of users -
Maintenance and actualizations
Technical service
Interface Tablet
Interface Mobile
Optional programming of custom-made modules
Easy integration with other programmes